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Who is parminder nagra dating

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Imagine if a few years from today, you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to, in fact, you aren’t exactly successful, and one not-so-fine day you are asked to show your pretty face in your high-school reunion. Her shenanigans at her home end up in her admission in a boarding school in England.

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Year: 2002 Cast: Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Archana “Archie” Panjabi, Anupam Kher, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Shaznay Lewis Genre: Comedy-drama The 18-year-old Jesminder “Jess” Bhamra was strictly not allowed to play football because her Sikh family thinks that it is not becoming of girls to play the sport.Year: 1995 Cast: Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Lela Rochon Genre: Romantic drama The movie describes the bond shared between four African-American women who, when together, find the happy in their sad and lead through the many personal trials involving their love lives, fantastically.They just can’t wait to exhale all the blah in their lives in front of their best friends.However, parents denial didn’t curb her zest for the game and she started playing football in the park with her good friends.On one such regular game day, her skills with the ball come in notice of Juliette “Jules” Paxton, who plays for the local women’s team.Year: 2006 Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Joan Cusack, Catherine Keener, Frances Mc Dormand Genre: Drama A single and cash-strapped woman, Olivia (played by Jennifer Aniston) earns her livelihood by working as a maid in Los Angeles.

Her friends, though are all well-off, the difference in stature sometimes causes friction between them.

However, each in the group is experiencing personal battles, which they manage to drink up by leaning on each other to find comfort and strength to row through the struggles.

Year: 2003 Cast: Kate Hudson, Matthew Mc Conaughey, Kathryn Hahn, Annie Parisse, Adam Goldberg Genre: Romcom The movie centres around ‘Andie’ who is evidently quite bugged about being the advice columnist in her job.

, this movie tells what real friendship is defined as.

When a regular looking girl Tai, dressed in overalls makes entry in her new high school located in Beverly Hills, the starlets of the school Cher and Dion take it in their hands to give her a makeover; something that leads Tai becoming more popular and stylish than Cher. Travelling through the series of ups and downs, the end result is of a friendship in which they appreciate each other for what they really are, underneath those stylish appearances.

While the final episode saw the revelation of who raped Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh) - you can discover who the culprit was here - it was the show's final ever scene which left fans misty-eyed.