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Who is sharapova dating

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“I know many of you thought that I would be retiring today,” she said and then paused for effect.

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The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) had been monitoring the drug for several months in 2015 and then banned it, effective January 1, 2016, because of “evidence of its use by athletes with the intention of enhancing performance.” Maria did not get the memo (she says she failed to open an email link from the International Tennis Federation) and was suspended from the sport by the ITF for two years.“People don’t often get to see the full Maria: a complex, worldly, well-rounded person who is fun and loyal and has a lot to say.”I would not normally report whom I failed to get on the phone while working on a story, but in this case, it seems worth highlighting that Chris Evert, Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Mary Carillo, and Pam Shriver all declined to talk to me about Sharapova.Paul Annacone, who has coached both Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, was, on the other hand, happy to chat.I’m respected for what I do on the court, and that’s much more meaningful to me than someone saying that I’m a nice girl in a locker room.” It’s the kind of quote that reminds you why Sharapova, who likes to “describe things as they are,” is never going to win Miss Congeniality.“She’s a very private person—as private as you can get in the position she’s in,” says one of her best friends, Sophie Goldschmidt, a British woman twelve years her senior who works in sports marketing.They met when Sharapova was fourteen and Goldschmidt was with the Women’s Tennis Association.After an appeal, the suspension was reduced to fifteen months, ending April 25, just in time for her to play a warm-up tournament in Stuttgart, Germany, and then the French Open, which starts on May 22.

Finding herself at the center of the first high-profile doping scandal in tennis, Sharapova took responsibility and admitted that she used the drug.

Tall and pretty, she really knows her way around a big sweater, a pair of leggings, and simple jewelry.

And if she seems to inhabit the world in a different way than most players, it is probably because tennis is not her religion.

But trying to get out ahead of the scandal seemed to work against her; the condemnation was swift, opprobrium raining down on her via Twitter, while the sports press rushed pieces online with headlines like “The tennis world turns their back on Sharapova.” Current and former players called for her head, some suggesting that she should be banned for life. so it’s hard.”Sharapova admits that she doesn’t know a lot of players personally.

Jennifer Capriati said she should be stripped of her 35 titles. Dominika Cibulková said in an interview, “She’s a totally unlikable person, arrogant, conceited, and cold.” Andy Murray’s former coach Brad Gilbert, among others, was galled by the stupidity: “Still stunned that nobody on Shazza team checked new list from WADA, players are responsible but this is big-time oversight on team as well.” Martina Navratilova may have been the only one in the tennis world who gave her the benefit of the doubt: “Seems 2 me to be an honest mistake.” But it was Chris Evert, on ESPN, who speculated as to why Sharapova had become both a punching bag and pariah overnight, explaining that she has no friends on the tour: She “has always isolated herself from the rest of the tennis world . “I spend as little time in the locker room as I can get away with,” she says, “because I’ve set up another life. And the less time I spend there, the more energy I have for them.

I would not have taken Maria Sharapova for a tea person.