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While custody and visitation rulings in Kansas are based directly on what the Court deems best for the children involved, you can submit a custody and visitation schedule template for the family court to work with.Change in child's residence: A custodial parent is require to provide written notice to the other parent no less than 30 days prior to changing the child's residence or taking the child out of state for more than 90 days.

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(KS Statute 23-2702) Legal separation in Kansas: Either spouse can file for a legal separation which will outline the division of their assets and debts and any provisions they want included in a parenting plan for their minor children.Child custody: In Kansas parents seeking divorce must submit a thorough parenting plan that covers all of their children’s needs.In the circumstance that you are not able to come to an agreement with your spouse on some of or all of your parenting plan provisions, or if the Court feels the plan is not sufficient, they will make changes or draft an entirely new one.You'll be able to educate yourself about what to expect and how to protect your rights by reading through the divorce law section.And if you have children together, the child support guidelines and schedule can help you closely estimate the support amount that is possible in your situation.The court will consider all relevant issues to reach this decision, such as: The court doesn't favor either parent when determining custody, and does not make the presumption that it's in the best interest of an infant or young child to award residency or custody to the child's mother.

(Based on Kansas Statute 23-3203)The Court will decide on one of a possible three scenarios – residency, divided residency, or non-parental residency.

To locate programs and services in your area, you need to contact your local court system for the times and dates.

If you are in Douglas County, the court circuit court has information online about their Parent Orientation Programs or call (785) 832-5256.

Notification is not required if the other parent has been found guilty of any crime defined in articles 34, 35 or 36 of the Kansas Statutes chapter 21 in which the child is the victim of such a crime.

(KS Statutes 23-3222) Child support: Child support and educational expenses are payable for any child under the age of 18.

Residency requirements to be met before filing for divorce: Either the spouse filing for divorce (petitioner) or the spouse whom divorce papers are filed on (respondent) must reside in the state for 60 day before filing for divorce.