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For a third group it deliberately put together users who were incompatible.OK Cupid is regarded as the more thoughtful precursor to apps such as Grindr and Tinder.

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They observed 1.1 million decisions made when users browsed profiles or when potential partners corresponded with each other online.Last month the dating website Ok, which was founded in 2004 and has more than 3.5 million subscribers, announced that it had been experimenting on its users.It removed profile pictures for some, while for others it removed text.Tinder affords little in the way of self-expression: it exploits our modern ability to segment our personalities into chunks of data, a list of “likes” and connections that constitute our online selves.It distills us into photos of gap years and blurry stag dos, with a sprinkling of shared interests as conversation starters.Online dating is ostensibly a straightforward affair.

You like the look of somebody online and you try and find a common interest. It either works out or you move on to the next person.

Did we really need a research paper to tell us all this?

“I think everything we have found is in line with what people have hunches about it,” she said.

“The difference is the precision with which we are able to nail down those facts in the quote unquote ‘real world’.

The internet only wants you for your looks, or so recent surveys would have us believe.

Their methodology was as follows: “We present a general strategy for estimating discrete choice models that can identify both slopes and knots for continuous attributes, and also allow for multiple decision stages (ie browsing and writing) and multiple observations per stage (ie multiple instances of browsing and writing for each user).”And so say all of us.