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Compare, review and join an Asianonline dating service With a multitude of Asian dating services out there, you’re sure to want to know which ones are the best.Asia Friend Asian Friend is the world's largest network of Asian singles!Find other Asians for friendship, dating, and even serious relationships.After the Second World War, the company diversified its elemental analysis products, but an extensive reorganization of the Heraeus core business divisions in the early 1990s resulted in plans to discontinue the production of elemental analyzers.In 1995, the elemental analysis business of Heraeus was sold in a management buyout to Hans-Peter Sieper, at that time head of the Heraeus elemental analysis division.Elemental analyzers and isotope ratio mass spectrometers are used in the fields of analytical and environmental chemistry to measure the elemental and isotopic composition of diverse materials like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels, food, water, plants, soil or waste.

In 1897, the researcher Max Dennstedt reported a simplified method for organic elemental analysis in his publication Über Vereinfachung der organischen Elementaranalyse, making use of platinum from the Heraeus Platinum Smelting Factory (founded in 1857) In 1899, Richard Küch, researcher at the Heraeus Platinum Smelting Factory, succeeded in producing quartz glass of very high purity, which was soon used for the elemental analysis of carbon, and nitrogen.

Isoprime produces isotope ratio mass spectrometers used for stable isotope ratio measurement of carbon, nitrogen, sulphur, hydrogen and oxygen in industry and academia.

The production facility is located in Manchester, United Kingdom.

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