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After a couple weeks of messaging, we mutually expressed interest to meet in person. I had never met anyone online before, or even been on so much as a blind date.

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Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of Salon Media Group Inc.I began to wonder how this man who really didn’t know me well at all could already be missing me.“I miss you’s” were reserved in my mind for friends and lovers who had seen me through at least a round of emotional highs and lows.I told him I wanted to get to know him more and spend more time with him, but I didn’t feel comfortable making any promises to him at that point.I said this repeatedly in a wide assortment of language as he continued to fight me on my stance. I kept trying to meet him where he was at, trying to be kind but getting more firm as his pitch heightened and his tone darkened, and as he continued to balk at my ideas of dating.He then asked me to stop seeing anyone else and be exclusive with him.

Dating, for me and many of my peers, is a process (good, bad, and ugly) where you mix/mingle/more with various individuals until you come across one that you wish to divert most or all of your energy towards and enter into an exclusive relationship with.

It turned out wonderfully, exceeding my expectations. We shared a very fun make out session - all hands and tongue - on a picturesque New York City street. We didn’t sleep together, but we were intimate, and we both enjoyed it.

And that evening when I got home, we exchanged messages of excitement and desire to see each other again as soon as possible. When I left his house that night, at my own insistence, he told me how he couldn’t wait to see me again, to take me out for dinner to his favorite restaurant, and to go on more dates with me after that. Here was a man who I shared a strong chemistry with, found to be incredibly attractive, impressed me with his professional work and personal aspirations, kept me laughing and interested, exhibited a real openness and sincere interest in me, and was thus far kind, attentive, and intelligent.

His remarks varied from “Why do you need to be with other guys? ” to “I don’t sleep around,” and a whole repetitive slew of the like.

He would waver between machine-gun paced question after question (without room for any response), drawn-out textalogues on the subject, and then even threatening to cease talking to me completely. In retrospect it’s clear to me that, first off, his assumptions about me being promiscuous are not valid to make in response to what I told him of my dating style, and regardless, my promiscuity - assumed or not - is not reserved for his or anyone else’s judgment.

I thought this was a great sign - our paths now closer to potentially merging.