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"Agh, Timmah, they almost shot me down over Siberia. one or 2 are and you can check # on pcgs web page !!!!!!!!!!I could barely stand this thing." He said as he stood up from his knees. go to and see what coins are going for today !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like going to a loud party and looking for the one sane person you know.

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You cannot do this as that acid is extremely hard to come by unless you have a license to purchase for industrial uses. You should not make comments like these unless you are expert in the field.If rust stains are persistent, you could try using a stronger or more concentrated acid (strength and concentration are not the same thing), such as we describe in our page about red spot. summary of this video is simple: there is no such thing as "rusted " gold regardless of what the Russian Central Bank or "independent" appraisers say or do.Of course not, but it sometimes gets stored in steel boxes in safes or deposit boxes.If these are then stored in damp or humid conditions, the box may rust, and this can stain the coins if it comes into contact with them.Yet this is precisely what Russian commercial precious metal trading company, International Reserve Payment System, discovered on thousands of (allegedly) 999 gold coins "St George" (pictured insert) issued by the Central Russian Bank.

The serendipitous discovery occurred after various clients of the company had requested that their gold be stored not in a safe, but in a far more secure place: "buried under an oak tree." As the website of IRPS president German Sterligoff notes: once buried, "the coins began to oxidize under the influence of moisture." And hence the headscratcher: nowhere in history (that we know of) does 999, and even 925 gold, oxidize, rust, stain, spot or form patinas, under any conditions.

I do have 12 years experience casting precious metals, but my opinion could be wrong and i am just offering my wild ass guess." disclaimer ii: "i own gold and silver and platinum and palladium and shotguns and shotgun shells and rice and beans... you just paid 10% more for "air" [the value of the coin you just bought is 90% gold... I didn't know if you were aware of that so I thought I'd throw it in. These "rusted like masses" you write of are simply marine life that has grown on the outside of the coin or other piece made from the gold.

and 10% air] I think I would rather have the russian coin which might be 98% gold, 2% impurities, and no "air". It's just chipped off and the mass dropped in acid to clean.

The rust stain can be dissolved using almost any acid, even quite weak one such as lemon juice, vinegar, or the carbonic acid present in fizzy drinks.

Obviously these may leave the surface of the coin sticky, but this can be rinsed off.

All it said was, 'There is a rumor floating around that I was sold some bunk. For starters, I will make sure Hillary Clinton loses access to all the high profile dating sites in Moscow! The man was last seen exiting the area in what looked like a flying Smart Car [shot of Bernanke flying out of an opening roof]." Outside a propeller could be heard, and then a loud bang!