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However, the secondary nature of iodine host minerals, combined with the inherent precision of I–Xe, were responsible for a large database of “whole-rock” I–Xe ages that were not easily interpreted.

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Results have been ranked by the amount you would receive not including any additional fees.These “parentless” gases may also be used to constrain the degassing history of the Moon, although a quantitative understanding is lacking.The dust layer on the lunar surface contains large amounts of noble gases implanted by the solar wind.Over the past 20 years, we've earned the trust of millions of people worldwide through our transparent exchange rates and free currency tools.With XE Money Transfers, we continue to build this trust by offering a service that exemplifies respect for customers.The Ar and Rn abundances suggest that a sizeable fraction of the lunar interior presently loses all its freshly produced radiogenic noble gases.

Part of the radiogenic Ar and Xe (the latter from now extinct radioactive isotopes of I and Pu) outgassed from the lunar interior later became retrapped in the dust grains on the lunar surface.

I ratio of one sample, and that of a reference sample.

We tend to use a meteorite called Shallowater as the reference.

One such radiometric dating system is the iodine-xenon (I-Xe) chronometer.

Anomalies in I – a so-called “short-lived isotope”, which has a half-life of 16.1 million years, and so is now extinct.

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