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There were a couple of "boys" looking for "mommies". There was a lady looking for a guy to play her step-son.

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The nightie was a little loose and showing some very nice cleavage. I went in and out of a couple of rooms before I came across one named "Moms and Sons". I couldn't decide what to type, so I did the lame "Hey, what's up? Hardly anyone responded to that kind of a lame start to a message. I entered the room and looked up a couple of profiles at the top of the room list. I watched a little bit of the conversation scroll and realized quickly what mom and son were doing. Surprisingly I got a response "Not much, just checking things out... Well, the girl we were talking with said she was cute, but that really is a matter of opinion. Luckily Chris's profile didn't say a lot in it. She wasn’t ugly, but she's not a model either. It only said he was male, lived in this state, enjoyed biking, swimming and going to the gym. " "Not that I know of, he wasn't home when we took them". But I had to remind myself that she didn't know it was me. OK, most of us try not to imagine our parents having sex.

"Mmm, very nice." I couldn't believe my mom was writing these things to me. I kept looking at that picture of my mom and thinking, "God, how sexy! Finding out more about her sucking off my best friend.

Only this time the nightie was bunched at her hips and her breasts were fully exposed, framed on both sides by her arms. She had a great "Come heather" look on her face and her nipples were erect.

My mother was leaning forward again with her hands on the bed.

She was sitting on her bed with a blue, short, silk nightie on. "No, I took these with the help of his best friend".

I never really thought about my mom as being pretty or sexy before, but this picture sure changed that. I tried to remember that this was my mother, but the picture didn't do anything to remind me of her other then it looked like her. Since I knew the answer I figured I'd go fishing a little.

This time it showed the guy from head down to his abs. I thought about signing off and running around screaming, but something else wouldn't let me. I was actually thinking of seeing more pics of my mom.